Day one: After 2-4 hours remove bandage, wash tattoo with warm water and doctor bronners tea tree oil liquid castile soap.

This can be found at whole foods, Target,  or other organic grocers. 

Dr. Bronner's liquid soap is concentrated so lather is up in your hands before applying to tattoos. 

Do not apply any ointment on the first day, loosely wrap tattoo with plastic wrap before bed. Plastic wrap may trap bacteria if the tattoo is not washed properly before applying. Tattoos ooze plasma, excess ink, and blood the first 3-5 nights. This can stick to sheets, clothing, pet hair, dander, and allergens. I prefer to keep my tattoos wrapped while I sleep and wash the ooze off in the morning to prevent it from drying stuck to any of the things that may be in the bed. Ripping tattoos from fabrics they are stuck to can result in loss of pigment, and scarring of the irritation from doing so. The ooze is what usually turns into scabs on top of a tattoo, they are much easier to take care of for me if I plastic wrap them the first few nights. 

Days 2-5: Wake up, remove plastic wrap. Wash hands first and then wash the tattoo. Always wash your tattoos in the shower. It is best to do at the end of a shower to avoid shampoo and conditioner run off irritations.

Pat dry, never rub a fresh tattoo.

 You may then apply a small amount of Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Skin Ointment. You can find this product at Whole Foods. You want to rub it in like lotion, do not drown your tattoo in ointment. If it cannot get oxygen, it will not hold.

You may apply this ointment 3-4 times a day and in small amounts always with clean hands. Depending on how active you are you may wash the tattoo 3-5 times a day.  Always wash the tattoo before applying ointment, and wash your hands before washing the tattoo. Remember, less is more.  Your skin will heal itself. Do not pick or scratch ever.

Before bed, wash your tattoo and plastic wrap it loosely with little to no ointment. You may find that you have dryer skin and only ooze for 3 days. You may move on to the instructions for days 5-15 if this is the case. Mine tend to stay oozing for 5.

Days 5-15: Wash tattoo upon waking up.

Apply small amounts of ointment or an unscented hand lotion throughout the day with clean hands. (Whenever the tattoo feels dry.) Wash tattoo before bed use a small amount of ointment or lotion and do not use plastic wrap.


Also, everyone’s skin is different this is what works for me, you may find a way that works for you, some tattoo artists recommend you do nothing. that works for them, this works for me. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and these products are free of alcohol and other harmful chemicals that can irritate fresh tattoos.