What you Need TO know

My rate is 350/hr with a 1 hour minimum.

Books are currently closed.

If you already have a consultation you will be given an opportunity to book for a tattoo.

Consultations require a 24 hour notice for cancellation. If proper notice is not given the card used when booking will be charged a 20 dollar cancellation fee. 


You need to leave a non refundable 350 dollar deposit to book appointments. This goes towards the price of your tattoo when you come in. The deposit goes towards the last hour of the tattoo, and larger deposits may be required for large scale work. 

Rescheduling tattoos requires a two week notice and must be done by calling the shop at 4156260770. Email notices do not apply. Contact the shop directly before two weeks so you won't forfeit your deposit, and can move it to your new appointment date.

If you are more than 30 minutes late and have not called you will forfeit your deposit. I can not guarantee that I will have time to get you in if you are running late. Call the shop as soon as you know and we will work with you on a case by case basis. If you have a noon appointment and are running late please leave a voicemail at the shop and email me. 

Deposits only go towards the idea we discuss at the consultation. I ask my clients to know what they want tattooed before booking. You will not be able to change your mind once booked.

No hand or face tattoos will be accepted.

No lettering tattoos will be accepted. 

Scar cover ups will be taken on a case by case basis, please let me know at a consultation if we will be covering up any scars. 

Some ideas that may not represent the quality of work I expect to give my clients may not not be accepted. 

Do not drink alcohol before appointments, this will result in a loss of deposit. Alcohol thins the blood stream and may cause negative affects on your immune system within 20 minutes of imbibing.

Coming in hungover will result in similar damaging affects to getting tattooed. You do not want a weakened immune system while trying to heal, and the extra bleeding may cause ink to be pushed out.

Alternatively if you have sunburns, cuts, scrapes, or bruising in the area you wish to get tattooed I will not be able to tattoo you until they are healed.

Caffeine may heighten sensitivity to pain and is not recommended the day of a tattoo appointment. 

I use all vegan ink.

It can take two weeks to receive a personal response via email and if your questions were answered by the auto response, you may not receive one.